“From the ground, with love”

Exhibited at the occasion of “Specters of the future”, curated by Zoe Van Den Boogaerde
Group show - Doel Festival and Espace Triphasé - 2023

“A humid ecosystem teeming with life has sprung up here, out of time and out of sight. Discarded PVC pipes, scraps of electrical wire and soil clay found themselves attracted to each other, driven by opposing forces. The materials twisted and intertwined in synergy, forming a new entity in mutation. These new hybrid elements between nature and industrial debris, these gigantic flowers and plants are now expanding in these neglected places.

Is this an omen? Is it a prototype, a beta version of what the traces of a land made of debris and battered nature are destined to become, when everything is depopulated?”

Thanks to Wiernerberger for its generous contribution by providing all the clay for the installation.

Installation views
"From the ground, with love" 2023
Raw clay, hemp fiber, PVC tubes, steel, electrical wire, light bulbs
174 x 215 cm x 215 cm

Pictures by Harold Lechien