Triphasé is a space supporting emerging artists’research with an eye on the future. The project was born in a 900m2 industrial building in Anderlecht, on the outskirts of downtown Brussels, in 2021. Antoinette d´Ansembourg and Alice Pandolfo first founded the Ateliers Triphasé and invited ten visual artists to occupy them annually. The Espace Triphasé, an exhibition space and experimentation hub, was inaugurated six months later with the group exhibition “Please Talk Louder”. Triphasé is a project overflowing with energy, allowing artists to expand their practice free of constraints while promoting encounters and exchanges with the public.


The studios form a community where a familial, fertile atmosphere reigns. They have welcomed, since April 2021, around ten artists independently practicing painting, installation, ceramics, textiles, sculpture and design. This collection of heterogeneous artists forms a stimulating group breeding an atmosphere of collaboration, discussion and sharing.


The Triphasé Space is a 170m2 area where exhibitions and other cultural events are held. Rich in cinematographic history, it constitutes the ideal environment for bringing an additional dimension to artists’ creative ambitions while opening a dialogue with the outside. The space has the particularity of being located at the foot of the workshops, allowing the public not only to visit the exhibitions but to meet and share a moment with the artists in the intimacy of their studios.

A double program is developed at Triphasé: firstly, it sets up a series of in-house exhibitions bringing together the works of resident artists around a collective proposal. Secondly, Triphasé selects and invites both young artists and external curators to take over the exhibition space in order to develop their projects. This program offers an opportunity for artists to show their work in a different setting from galleries, a chance to explore and pursue their research in a unique space with different constraints. Triphasé is committed to promoting young artists’ work, and remunerates both research and the realization of ideas that participate in the development of the space.

“Please talk louder” first group show at Espace Triphasé with the artists in residency. 

Studio views, in ordre of appearance : Alice Pandolfo, Antoine Carbonne, Nicolas Zanoni, Jonas Moënne, Frizbee Ceramics, Naoki Karathanassis.
All pictures above by Adrien de Hemptinne